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Sunday, December 12, 2010

An Opportunity to Share Your Story

I'm writing two new Face-to-Face Bible studies and am seeking true stories. Here is what I'm looking for:

1. If you've been a mentor, or been mentored by a family member--especially looking for stories of grandmothers and mothers, but any family relationship would be considered.

2. A time when you pleaded with God.

If you would like to know more leave a comment here and we can connect and I can give you more information.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tips For Journaling Your Breast Cancer Journey

1. Pray before you start.

2. Select a journal that reflects your personality and style.

3. Write your heart. Don't worry about grammar or sounding spiritual. Let your pen flow with thoughts and feelings.

4. Think of journaling as simply writing a letter.

5. Date your journal entries.

6. Another way to experience journaling is as a chat or conversation with God. Freely write all that's on your heart and mind.

7. If you want to write confidential things and worry someone might read your journal, come up with abbreviations and symbols only you understand.

8. Don't feel you must be positive all the time. When it hurts, talk about it. When you're sad, cry out. When you're mad, God can take it.

9. Express the good things that happen too and the days where everything does seem better.

10. Journal during doctor or treatment waiting rooms, receiving chemotherapy treatments, sitting in the car while your ride runs into the store for you, nights when you can't sleep, lying down to rest but your mind is racing, long hospital days and nights.

11. If you aren't up to journaling and the pen seems too heavy, don't worry--it shouldn't be a burden making you feel guilty or heavy. When the time is right, you will get at it again.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Following Dad

I met Darrell Leber in one of my many airport waiting rooms. As so often happens, I made a God connection. Darrell is Associate Director of Strategic Relationships with the Jesus Film, and he and his wife own Amen Christian Bookstore in Marysville, WA. Darrell sent me this story that I wanted to share with you:

10 years ago Missionary Don Cox was taken captive and held for ransom by rebel thugs (we would consider terrorists today). They drove him far into the country bound & blindfolded, and then forced him to hike into the Andes Mt's in the dark of night, across a river, over a log, and then a long distance up to a desolate area. Be sure to read the book, Shouts at Sunrise, to capture the details of those days and events.

Don was miraculously rescued after being held for 14 days. He and his family were swiftly sent to safety in the USA and Don hadn't been allowed to come back to the area of his capture until this year.

While in Ecuador, my son and I had the opportunity to hike high into the Andes Mountains with Missionary Don Cox to accompany him as he retraced his footsteps to see where he had been held. This was the first time Don had been allowed back into the area by the government to see this area by day. He was very excited and had the video camera going on overtime! We had a wonderful time of fellowship, devotions, and closure.

The trails were extremely steep and muddy on the return, as we had already passed over them on the way up creating a muddy slip-n-slide for the return. We were strung out in a line... sometimes slipping and sliding for a good ways. There were a few guys ahead of me, my son DJ a little ways behind me, and then Pastor Howell behind him and so forth.

I overheard a conversation between Pastor Howell and my son that drove into my heart…one of those “feel good” moments for a parent!
Pastor Howell (who is a big man) had offered to go in front of my son to catch him in case he slipped in the mud…you could slide a long way without stopping on these paths.

My son replied ‘No Thanks! I will follow my dad’s footsteps. I know that wherever he walks, that if I follow his footsteps, I will be safe. (see picture above).
What a statement!
What an impact on me to be careful of the footsteps and the walk I take as a witness to others.

If only we would follow so closely in the footsteps of our Savior… and know that if we follow him, we will be safe!!!

Check out Partner Trips where we will also deliver an ARK shelter: Click on “get involved” then “Partner Trips”.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Woman to Woman Mentoring Interview

Listen to me interview with MentorMarnie this Thursday at 1:00 PT 3:00 CT or 4:00 ET. I'll be talking about the 5 W's of STarting a Mentoring Ministry. You can call 646-727-2510 or go to You'll find a free handout at the website. Please share this opportunity with anyone you know in Women's Ministry.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Midday Connection Interview on Eat Pray Love

Today, I interviewed with Anita Lustrea on the article in my last post. The interview will be in the archives after today. I'm the 2nd person interviewed, so if you want you can forward or listen to the first one. I'd love to have your comments.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


No I didn't get the title of this blog wrong. Read on...

Today I saw the movie Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia, based on a memoir by author, Elizabeth Gilbert. I can't help but think that Gilbert didn't have to travel across the world to find "everything." What if she had stayed home and PRAYED to God, found the LOVE of her life in Jesus, and then took a really fun EATING trip? Maybe she would have found that elusive "everything she was searching for so desperately and probably enjoyed her trip even more.

In interviews, Julia Roberts who plays Gilbert, says that she persoally became "very intrigued by and interested in" Hinduism from a picture she saw of a "guru" who had long been dead. What if she became very intrigued by and interested in God who is very much alive!

In referrring to seeing the guru's picture, Julia summarized every Christian's opportunity to tell someone the truth about Jesus: "That is the way things come into our lifes. They are not these big gate-crashing moments; it is just a little like. . . what is this about?" You may find yourself in conversations nd discussions regarding this popular movie and book, and like Julia, many will be asking: "What is this about?" Don't miss the chance to share Who you pray to and how you found unconditional love in Jesus.

Julia Roberts is a charming actress and she can make the type of search Gilbert went on look very appealing. But even though she found love, she never found the only True Love, Jesus Christ, and you don't have to search far to find Him.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And the winner is....

TA DA!! The cover selected for my New Hope publication "The Team That Jesus Built." You spoke, we listened. It was a tight race between the green cover and this one. We did make the title pop more as many suggested. Hope you like it and will share with women's ministries when it comes out in June 2011. I know a few men waiting to read it too:).

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Help me pick a cover!

If you are on Facebook, "like" or "fan" New Hope Publishers and vote on the cover for my new book: The Team that Jesus Built!/album.php?aid=199418&id=40595120839&ref=mf
Please vote for your favorite and tell us why. Thanks -

If you're not on Facebook, you can still go look at them and then leave a comment here! I'll let you know which one wins!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Very cool! I just saw that this article is actually exerpts from my book "Dear God, They Say It's Cancer." Please share with anyone you know who is one of my breast cancer-sister.

What Breast Cancer Patients Should Know About Prosthesis

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I guess I haven't had enough coffee this morning. Let's try one more time. I hope I get tweets from some of you, if I can ever get this right. I'm going to put it in the message this time too.

Tweet address

Sorry that the link in the last post does not work. Let's try it again.

Follow me on Twitter

I finally did it! I'm tweeting. I would love to follow you and have you follow me at AHWMinistries. I have the link here and will soon add it permanently to the blog.

Hope you're having a great summer. I'm writing away and I'll soon have more information for you about what's coming up from me next year.
Blessings, Janet

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Join me for a Radio Interview.

I'm doing another blog talk radio interview on Dear God, They Say It's Cancer on Thurs. 5/20. If you'd like to tune in go to . If you log on early you can sign up for a free account and join us in the Chat room. And you can call in with comments or questions at: 347-215-7328. 1:00pm Eastern, 12:00pm Central, 11:00am Mountain, 10:00am Pacific time.

WebTV4Women on Blog Talk Radio
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Monday, March 15, 2010


If you would like to tune in, I am being interviewed tomorrow morning at 7:00 am PT on I'll be sharing my breast cancer journey and also talking about my book Dear God, They Say It's Cancer. Please join us or tell any of your friends with breast cancer to join us.

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Face-to-Face Release February 1

I am excited to announce the release of the next two Face-to-Face Bible studies available at bookstores and online starting today. They are Face-to-Face with Euodia and Syntyche: From Conflict to Community and Face to Face with Elizabeth and Mary: Generation to Generation.

Who are Euodia and Syntyche?

Don't feel embarrassed if you've never heard of these two women. I've had radio interviewers and mature Christians question me as to where these women are mentioned in the Bible. You'll find them in Philippians 4:2-3. I have wanted to do a study on Euodia and Syntyche for years because we can learn so much about how to resolve conflict biblically from the way Paul handled the disagreement between these two ministry workers. You may have thought of the Book of Philippians as the "joy" book, but you'll have a new appreciation of why Paul wrote this letter as you study the real purpose behind it. Notoriously women do not know how to deal with conflict. Learn new biblical conflict resolution skills in Face-to-Face with Euodia and Syntyche.

The focus of Face-to-Face with Elizabeth and Mary is spiritual mothering. It's the study of the beautiful relationship of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and her older cousin Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist.